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Rand Chatterjee

With international experience in industrial development, involvement in high-technology start-up management, an MBA, and expertise delivering efficient and effective services, Rand will lead VanTek in meeting and exceeding client expectations. 

Innovators need to be able to focus their energy and funding on their creative work, and depend on timely, consistent, affordable, and value-added advice on entrepreneurial strategy, public and private fundraising, and the essentials of business administration.  Associate patent firms world-wide looking for client IP protection in Canada need to know that their instructions will be followed to the letter, in short order or exactly when requested, and at a reasonable cost.  Those seeking advice for their Canadian or international portfolios need to know they are receiving the very best advice from the most experiened practitioners.

Whether what is needed is a timely and accurate filing in Canada, a full understanding of the costs and timelines for intellectual property protection in Canada and worldwide, or expertise on new business formation–from corporate structure to accounting–Rand will provide exactly what is needed.  Yesterday. 

When not trying to revolutionize industries, Rand is content to paddle among the oldest watercraft known, the kayak, and to the kinds of remote places only kayaks can go.  He currently serves as President of the Sea Kayak Association of British Columbia.  He is also a Passive House builder and building technology innovator, the founder of the Pacific Instutite for Ecological Economics, an activist for governmental accountability, and the father of two inspiring young men.

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File-Related Business

Please DO NOT USE this email address to conduct file-related business, such as to request an urgent new filing in Canada, but only for less time-sensitive inquiries.

Our Mission

From our experiences in small boutiques to national IP and general practice law firms in Canada and the U.S.A., we bring our diverse perspectives to our practice, recognizing that technical expertise and resilient systems must combine with efficiency and cost effectiveness to provide the very best client service.

VanTek IP is all about finding the middle way, where our low overhead and deeply committed professionals combine to create a tailored and responsive practice in order to serve our clients exactly as each requires.

Working with a growing small partnership and a network of highly-experienced professionals, we offer customized services that combine technical expertise and decades of experience prosecuting patent and design files worldwide.