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Nicole Gade

Nicole is one of our IP Coordinators.

She has been working in intellectual property law since 2002, and brings with her a strong knowledge of international patent and trademark prosecution, and experience with high level practice management.  She has worked directly with Canadian, US, and other international patent, industrial design and trademark filings. From preparing and filing formal documents with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) and for foreign associates worldwide to the recording of transfers and changes in ownership of entire patent portfolios, she enjoys supporting the diversity of clients and professional colleagues at other patent firms that is the bread-and-butter of a global IP practice.

Nicole began her legal career in a boutique IP firm in Vancouver.  When this practice was merged into a national law firm, she rose from Senior Patent Paralegal to IP Coordinator responsible for a practice group of six agents and eleven support staff.  While she excelled at the challenge of helping to manage the work flows in such a large group, she was eager to return to the more direct, hands-on, and client-focussed prosecution support that VanTek is committed to provide.

When Nicole is “relaxing,” she takes every available opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors with her family and to spend quality time with her two young children. Some of her hobbies and interests include “persuading” her kids to eat, ride their bicycles, hike, go camping, and read.

Please visit my LinkedIn profile here.

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Our Mission

From our experiences in small boutiques to national IP and general practice law firms in Canada and the U.S.A., we bring our diverse perspectives to our practice, recognizing that technical expertise and resilient systems must combine with efficiency and cost effectiveness to provide the very best client service.

VanTek IP is all about finding the middle way, where our low overhead and deeply committed professionals combine to create a tailored and responsive practice in order to serve our clients exactly as each requires.

Working with a growing small partnership and a network of highly-experienced professionals, we offer customized services that combine technical expertise and decades of experience prosecuting patent and design files worldwide.