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Jessica is a trademark agent registered to act before the Canadian Intellectual Property Office.  From publicly traded corporations, government agencies, non-profit organizations to individuals, Jessica has assisted clients of all sizes to clear, protect, manage, and enforce their trademarks both locally and internationally through a network of associates.  Jessica has extensive experience in all areas of Canadian trademark practice, including strategic planning and consultation, availability analysis, risk assessment, trademark drafting and prosecution, settlement negotiations, oppositions, property right transfers, and global portfolio management.

In her near two decades of career, Jessica has served various industry groups, including oil and gas, software, e-sports, chemicals, food and beverages, nutritional supplements, clean tech, dentistry, finance, building materials, consumer products, pet food, forestry, agriculture, and the hospitality sector.

Originally from Hong Kong, Jessica received her Bachelor of Laws (LLB) with honours from the University of Hong Kong.  Jessica is the recipient of the Intellectual Property Institute of Canada’s Endowment Memorial Prize for scoring the highest overall marks on the trademark examinations in her qualifying year (2002).  Prior to joining VanTek as a partner in 2019, Jessica practiced at a major national law firm in Canada for 15 years.

Jessica is fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin.

You may reach Jessica by phone at 604-259-7025, or by email at


Intellectual Property Institute of Canada (IPIC)

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Our Mission

From our experiences in small boutiques to national IP and general practice law firms in Canada and the U.S.A., we bring our diverse perspectives to our practice, recognizing that technical expertise and resilient systems must combine with efficiency and cost effectiveness to provide the very best client service.

VanTek IP is all about finding the middle way, where our low overhead and deeply committed professionals combine to create a tailored and responsive practice in order to serve our clients exactly as each requires.

Working with a growing small partnership and a network of highly-experienced professionals, we offer customized services that combine technical expertise and decades of experience prosecuting patent and design files worldwide.