Intellectual Property Protection

Intellectual Property Protection

VanTek Intellectual Property LLP was founded out of our desire to provide innovators with cost-effective representation.  Our mission is to maximize the value of our clients’ intellectual property through highly professional, timely, and personal service at an affordable cost.

Welcome to VanTek Intellectual Property LLP

Whether drafting a new patent for a Canadian inventor, advising on a trademark application, or handling a national phase entry in Canada, we are committed to best-in-class service: quick responses, the strictest attention to detail, and the broadest protection possible.

 The protection and promotion of innovative ideas also involves how they are known to the public, regulatory hurdles, production, and distribution.  While we are currently focused on providing the full range of intellectual property prosecution services, we have a wide range of contacts providing other business services and on whom we can call or to whom we can refer our clients. 

 We aim to be the vanguard of scientific and technical innovation, leading the way to help our clients protect and develop their ideas, and compete successfully in the global marketplace of products and ideas. 

 Contact us for our rate sheet, a quote, or a consultation by phone or in person—anywhere in the Ottawa area or in British Columbia’s Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island.

 We are a national firm now, and one of Canada’s fastest-growing IP boutiques.  Take a closer look at our growing Team.  


Our clients include solo entrepreneurs, start-up companies, large corporations, universities, and other large research institutions, as well as overseas companies and IP agencies and firms seeking IP protection in Canada.

Your Team

2020 saw us expand again, adding another partner to round out our service team: engineer and patent agent Shin Hung. To celebrate and mark our new capacity in hi-tech, we changed our name from Vanguard to VanTek.

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101-1001 West Broadway, Suite #380
Vancouver, BC V6H 4E4

File-Related Business

Please DO NOT USE this email address to conduct file-related business, such as to request an urgent new filing in Canada, but only for less time-sensitive inquiries.

Our Mission

From our experiences in small boutiques to national IP and general practice law firms in Canada and the U.S.A., we bring our diverse perspectives to our practice, recognizing that technical expertise and resilient systems must combine with efficiency and cost effectiveness to provide the very best client service.

VanTek IP is all about finding the middle way, where our low overhead and deeply committed professionals combine to create a tailored and responsive practice in order to serve our clients exactly as each requires.

Working with a growing small partnership and a network of highly-experienced professionals, we offer customized services that combine technical expertise and decades of experience prosecuting patent and design files worldwide.